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Auditing 101 - Start Here

Tips on starting an accessibility audit

The audit objectives

As of now the accessibility efforts at Carta aim to make the platform at least AA level compliant with WCAG 2.2. To reach that level of compliance, your product should pass all 57 rules in the A and AA levels.

The rules are divided into groups for easier testing: basic element usage, keyboard interactions, forms, color, page layout, page architecture, media, and miscellaneous.

You can see a full list of the rules here.

What you'll need for an audit

Participants of the audit should have Chrome installed along with axe DevTools, and have a basic knowledge of how to maneuver Chrome DevTools.

You will need to manage the Mac accessibility tools, particularly the VoiceOver (or other screen readers). This is a key aspect to parts of the auditing.

Any comments, questions, and suggestions about accessibility or this process should be directed to the #proj-accessibility channel on Slack.

How long does auditing take?

You should expect the audit process to take at least 30 minutes to an hour per static page to go through all the AA level rules. The time to audit dynamic pages varies depending on the amount of interactivity you have on your page.

Give yourself adequate time for the first page you go through as you'll be getting acquainted with the rules and how to test them, but subsequent pages go faster. This time is based only on breakage assessment, the fix time will depend on the amount and severity of errors on each page.

Auditing groups

For an easier audit, we separated all the rules in the WCAG 2.1 AA level into groups. This not only helps with maintaining focus on a specific auditing subject but also helps rules that have similar ways of being tested (looking through code, via voice over, etc) be tested simultaneously.

We recommend starting with Keyboard Interactions and going down the list as you complete each one.

Auditing cheat sheet

To help you with the audit, you can use this cheat sheet.

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