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Rules List

All rules in the WCAG 2.2 AA level compliance

For easier auditing and understanding of the rules, they are divided into groups:

Best Practices

There are several best practice rules that are not explicit in the WCAG 2.2 rule set but should be followed as they help accessibility immensely by giving you a better code structure and syntax that results in a baseline accessibility score.

Keyboard interactions

Rule numberRuleDifficulty to audit*
1.3.2Meaningful sequenceMedium
1.4.13Content on hover or focusEasy
2.1.2No keyboard trapMedium
2.1.4Character key shortcutsEasy
2.4.1Bypass BlocksMedium
2.4.3Focus orderEasy
2.4.7Focus VisibleEasy
3.2.1On FocusEasy
4.1.3Status MessageMedium


Rule numberRuleDifficulty to audit*
1.3.1Info and relationshipsMedium
1.3.5Identify input purposeMedium
2.5.3Label in nameMedium
3.2.2On inputEasy
3.3.1Error identificationEasy
3.3.2Labels or instructionsEasy
3.3.3Error suggestionEasy

Basic Element Usage

Rule numberRuleDifficulty to audit*
1.1.1Non-text contentMedium
1.4.5Images of textEasy
2.4.4Link purpose (in context)Medium
2.4.6Headings and LabelsMedium
4.1.2Name, Role, ValueMedium


Rule numberRuleDifficulty to audit*
1.3.3Sensory CharacteristicsMedium
1.4.1Use of colorEasy
1.4.3Contrast (minimum)Medium
1.4.11Non-text contrastMedium

Page Layout

Rule numberRuleDifficulty to audit*
1.4.4Resize textEasy
1.4.12Text spacingEasy

Page Architecture

Rule numberRuleDifficulty to audit*
2.4.2Page titledEasy
2.4.5Multiple waysMedium
3.1.1Language of pageEasy
3.1.2Language of partsEasy
3.2.3Consistent NavigationHard
3.2.4Consistent IdentificationHard


Rule numberRuleDifficulty to audit*
2.5.1Pointer gesturesMedium
2.5.2Pointer cancellationMedium
2.5.4Motion actuationEasy
3.3.4Error prevention (Legal, Financial, Data)Hard


* Difficulties vary by time: easy might take 5-15min, medium might take 15min-40min and hard might take anything from 40min to infinity.

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