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Check out these practical guides to help you understand how to design using ink and the tools provided by the ink team.


ink components come with built-in analytics setup - it's just a question of activating them.

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Color Palette

Our product colors

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Color Usage

Use color systematically to reduce confusion, improve predictability, and make the product easier to use

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Data Visualization

Guide for creating effective data visualizations

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Carta's email design system

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Figma library 101

How to use ink's Figma library for rapid prototyping

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Ink ESLint Plugin

An ESLint plugin with ink specific rules

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Use layout components to define page grid and control spacing

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Page Layout

Standard page layouts are familiar, functional and scalable

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Playroom 101

How to use Playroom for rapid prototyping

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PrintKit Guidelines

The basics for how to style a Carta PDF

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ReduxForm Integration

How to use ink components with `ReduxForm`

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Samples' Guidelines

Guidelines on how to build samples for ink's multiple environments

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Usability Heuristics

10 rules of thumb to increase usability

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UX Writing

Follow these guidelines to write clear, concise, and helpful content

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