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Best practices

Best practices that should be followed for baseline accessibility

Best practices encompass the most basic HTML rules we should always have in mind at all times.

Most (if not all) of the best practices' rules are covered if you use correct and semantic HTML when building your code, for example:

  • using correct semantic HTML elements instead of divs;
  • using the correct heading levels throughout your page;
  • ensuring everything interactive has labels;
  • having your page divided into the correct sections;

How to test

For best practices, doing a fast scan using axe DevTools helps with visualizing almost all pressing problems in your page.

This might not get all the problems that exist on your page, so we recommend a quick visual assessment of your page's code.

Rules list

High priority

Medium priority

Low Priority

* Difficulties vary by time: easy might take 5-15min, medium might take 15min-40min and hard might take anything from 40min to infinity.

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