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Guides and tutorials for you to make your pages accessible

A disability is defined as a condition or function being significantly impaired when compared to the usual standard of an individual or group. People with disabilities make up 15% of the population and these disabilities can affect several different aspects of a person's life, from body functioning to social and environmental relationships. Read more about disabilities.

Accessibility, in the context of the web, means that everyone - including those with disabilities — can use and navigate any web-based product. This is a vast field that addressed the needs of all people and their unique needs. Some of the disabilities we have to have in mind when developing for the web are:

  • Visual disabilities such as: partial or total visual loss, color blindness, cataracts, etc;
  • Mobility or physical disabilities such as loss of dexterity, limbs' disabilities, Parkinsons (shaky hands), etc;
  • Partial or total hearing loss;
  • Sensitivity to motion or blinking lights;
  • Temporary disabilities like people with broken or sprained limbs, recent eye surgery, etc;
  • Situational disabilities like glaring sun on phones' screens, using phones with one hand when the other is occupied, etc;

Learn more about Inclusive Design.

By striving to make Carta an accessible product we're not only improving the Carta experience for all users but we're also strengthening the Carta brand of equity and inclusion. Not being accessible is also a legal liability to Carta as it could be a target of legal actions for not being compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)or other countries' regulations as we expand internationally.

Auditing 101 - Start Here

Tips on starting an accessibility audit

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Basic element usage

How to test each rule in the Basic element usage group

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Best practices

Best practices that should be followed for baseline accessibility

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How to test each rule in the Colors group

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How to test each rule in the Forms group

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Keyboard interactions

How to test each rule in the Keyboard interactions group

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How to test each rule in the media group

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How to test each rule in the Miscellaneous group

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Page architecture

How to test each rule in the page architecture group

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Page layout

How to test each rule in the page layout group

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Rules List

All rules in the WCAG 2.2 AA level compliance

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What is ARIA?

Understand the most common accessibility attributes

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