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Getting Started

ink is Carta’s design system. It allows Carta to build product UI with great user experience at scale. Today, it manifests itself as a collection of React-based UI components infused with the visual and interaction design principles we hold most dear.

How can I get help with ink?

During working hours, our team is on call for design and engineering support at the #ink channel on Slack. Make sure to include full-screen screenshots of what you're building or provide a test case in Playroom with your support requests. This helps us help you.

How can I contribute to ink?

ink welcomes external contributions. To understand how you can contribute to ink in many ways, go to How to contribute to ink. As a designer, attend the weekly ink Design Jam to propose new or updated components.

How do I design with ink?

ink provides code and no-code design tooling for working with ink. We encourage designers to work within the components' constraints as much as possible because constraints allow us to build a system that scales.

How do I code with ink?

You can use ink inside carta-web or in a repo outside of carta-web.

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