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How to contribute to ink

Ink is Carta's design system. It is built specifically to fit Carta's needs, and is under consistent development as those needs grow.

Any developers that wish to contribute new ideas, iterations for a component, bug fixes or anything else should first go to our slack channel to check if the desired feature or component is already being developed or on the roadmap.

To understand better how to ask in the channel for your specific case, you can read Issues and requests. If the ink team gives you a thumbs up for the development of your idea, you can read the following articles for important information on how to better contribute to ink:

Adding code to ink

Rules and practices for adding code to ink

View guide

Adding guides and other articles

How to contribute articles to the ink documentation

View guide

Code Style Guide

How we keep code consistency in ink

View guide

CSS Style Guide

How we build visuals for ink

View guide

Ink Releases

How the ink release process works

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Issues and Requests

How to approach problems and propose changes on ink

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Test Coverage

Ensuring our code works as intended

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