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Page architecture

How to test each rule in the page architecture group

These are almost all the rules that are tested involving page architecture rules. These require a more hollistic view of your product and are not necessarily confined to a single page.

Rule numberRuleHow to test
2.4.2Page titledCode assessment
2.4.5Multiple waysFlows + browser assessment
3.1.1Language of pageCode assessment
3.1.2Language of partsCode assessment
3.2.3Consistent NavigationFlows + Product interactivity
3.2.4Consistent IdentificationFlows + Visual product audit

2.4.2 Page titled

Success criterion

Your product should have a unique descriptive title for each page.

2.4.5 Multiple ways

Success criterion

For every page in your product there should be more than one way to reach that content. Modals that don't trigger a change of URL for example, and can only be accessed through a flow doesn't pass this rule.

3.1.1 Language of page

Success criterion

Check your page for the meta attribute "lang" that allows for user agents to better parse the language of the page.

3.1.2 Language of parts

Success criterion

Check all human language that shows on your page. If your page has more than one language, all pieces of text should be identified with the specific language of that part. This helps assistive technology to read it properly.

3.2.3 Consistent navigation

Success criterion

This requires a full product audit. Flows and interactions that occur in different places need to happen the same way and have the same effects.

3.2.4 Consistent identification

Success criterion

Components, icons, graphics and other visual parts of your application need to have the same meaning everywhere. See which parts fit this rule here

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