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How to test each rule in the Miscellaneous group

These are the rules that are tested involving miscellaneous rules, which can include alternative testing methods and/or are not solely web based.

Rule numberRuleHow to test
2.5.1Pointer gesturesMobile + mouse + keyboard
2.5.2Pointer cancellationMouse
2.5.4Motion actuationMobile + mouse + keyboard
3.3.4Error prevention (Legal, Financial, Data)Interact with flows

2.5.1 Pointer gestures

Success criterion

Make sure any interactions that need multipoint gestures or path-based gestures can be operated with a single pointer. This encompasses mobile, track pads, sliders, etc;

2.5.2 Pointer cancellation

Success criterion

Make sure any interactions that need a single pointer can be cancelled, undone or aborted following these rules. Perform actions on your page and try to undo or cancel them.

2.5.4 Motion actuation

Success criterion

This rule is more mobile focused. Make sure any interactions that need device motion or user motion in your page can also be triggered/operated by the user interface components.

Success criterion

Make sure pages that include legal or financial transactions which modify or delete user-controllable data, have a way of checking, confirming and/or undoing actions according to these rules.

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