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Basic element usage

How to test each rule in the Basic element usage group

The lack of semantic html and labels, duplicated ids and attributes, etc, are some of the most common violations when it comes to basic element usage.

Rule numberRuleHow to test
1.1.1Non-text contentCode assessment + Screen reader (optional)
1.4.5Images of textCode assessment
2.4.4Link purpose (in context)Code assessment
2.4.6Headings and LabelsCode assessment
4.1.1Parsingaxe DevTools + Code assessment
4.1.2Name, Role, Valueaxe DevTools + Code assessment

1.1.1 Non-text content

Success criterion

Go through your code and check if all your non-text content has a text alternative.

1.4.5 Images of text

Success criterion

Go through your page and make sure all text is actually a text and not an image of text. There are a few exceptions.

Success criterion

Go through the links in your page and make sure the purpose of each link is in the link text.

2.4.6 Headings and Labels

Success criterion

Go through your headings and labels and make sure they convey the topic and purpose they are supposed to.

4.1.1 Parsing

Success criterion

Make sure all the markup language on your page have opening and closing tags, elements are correctly nested to their specific parents, attributes and ids are not duplicated, etc.

4.1.2 Name, role, value

Success criterion

Check your html to see if elements' names, roles and values are correctly/programmatically set.

You can test this rule by using axe DevTools with a further code assessment to fill the gaps.

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